Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents in Laredo, TX

Since the weather in the Laredo, TX area is generally nice for most of the year, many motorcycle drivers can be seen riding their bikes any time of the year. Even if you are the most cautious driver, you can never really be too sure about other drivers. As personal injury attorneys, we understand how disastrous a motorcycle accident can be.

Each year, about 2,000 motorcyclists are killed each year in bike related accidents and about 50,000 are injured. Statistics show that about 80% of motorcycle accidents result in death. The major cause of death is due to head injuries, as there is no barrier between your head and the ground, other than your helmet.

As a cautious motorcyclist, you should always make sure you are aware of your surroundings and obey the traffic laws. By following the speed limit, you lessen your chances or spinning out of control and causing bigger accidents. By wearing the proper gear, including a helmet, gloves, eye protection, footwear, and jackets, you can help reduce your risk for being seriously injured.

Personal Injury Attorney Laredo, TX

Rely on a personal injury attorney you can trust!

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, first get the medical attention that you need and make sure the proper authorities are notified of the accident. Once you’ve been examined by a medical professional, call Law Office of Brenda Anderson PC. Brenda can help sort through these complicated motorcycle accidents providing you the legal help and advice you are looking for.

As a personal injury attorney, Brenda has years of experience dealing with motorcycle accident cases. She will fight to get the compensation you deserve. For more information or for legal help, please call us today.

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