Child Support

Child Support in Laredo, TX

When spouses decide that it is better to go their separate ways, this can cause a lot of confusion and stress, especially if there are children involved. One of the most difficult factors is determining child custody and child support. This is also one of the most important factors, as it involves the health and wellbeing of the children. At the Law Office of Brenda Anderson PC, we help make the child support process easy and fair so that children involved are able to be taken care of with proper support.

Divorce Attorney Laredo, TX

Rely on an experienced family lawyer.

As a family lawyer, Brenda will help you achieve a successful solution to the situation. When determining child support, a lot of factors are involved including, income of both parents, extra bonuses or incomes, number of children in the family, costs of daycare, health insurance, and many other factors.

Often times, each party cannot decide on terms of agreement. That is when our family lawyer steps in, trying to reach a sensible solution. Brenda will ensure you that you and your child’s rights are being considered. Brenda works hard for you to get the outcome you desire and come to a reasonable decision so that you do not have to come back to court time and time again if there is more trouble over child support.

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